Meet Porter

Meet PORTER, a very handsome 2 year old tabby cat.We responded to a call to Mount Forest July 31 where this poor little guy was found by the Toronto Soaring Club. He had suffered extensive trauma from most likely being hit by a car. There were lots of scabs all over him, his back left leg had an open wound that was several days old, he had scrotal abrasions, broken canines and damaged incisors all on the left side.  Porters recovery depended upon GHS to provide the lifesaving medical care he needed. Xrays showed damage to the left hip, which would require femoral head ostectomy (FHO) surgery to allow him to regain function of his back leg. This little guy then began a long road to recovery in a loving foster home where he received physiotherapy and, reluctantly a first, went for underwater treadmill therapy.

” It’s crazy to believe Porter is the same cat I brought home past op 3 months ago. he is an incredibly smart cat, who loves learning new tricks and being challenged especially with food puzzles. he is also a big cuddle bug, there is no such thing as personal space with porter around. I’m so glad I was able to help him in his recovery and now give him the forever home he deserves!”- Brittany H.

Caring for pets can be very expensive, bu their ‘happy tails’ are worth it. there are so many more animals like Porter that need our care. this year so far, over $200,000 has been needed to cover the costs of just veterinary care alone, not including the everyday needs of food, supplies, and more.

GHS relies solely on the community’s support and your generous gifts mean so much to every animal that comes into our care. We are extremely thankful for every donation as it helps them find the’ happy tail’ they so desperately deserve.


Bporter GHS logoest wishes for the holiday season , and all the best in the coming year,

Adrienne McBridge

Executive Director


P.S. You can donate online at, by phone at 519-824-3091 or drop in and visit us at 500 Wellington St.West Guelph