Wyndham House

For nearly 45 years, Wyndham House has been providing homeless and at-risk youth, ages 16-24, services through a continuum of care model that meets youth where they’re at and supports them on their path to housing, education, stability, and wellness.


In the last year alone Wyndham House have provided supports and services to over 750 youth across all of our programs. With so many youth using theirwyndham programs, they are in constant need of in-kind items.


This Giving Tuesday, please consider donating any of the following:

-Youth appropriate Men’s and Women’s Clothing (hoodies, jeans, t-shirts, socks)

-Personal Hygiene Products (Deodorant, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Shampoo, Body Wash)

-Household Kitchen Items (Plates, Cups, Cutlery, Pots, Pan, Tupperware)

-Gift Cards (Walmart, Grocery Stores, Tim Horton’s, McDonald’s)